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Craft a better landscape with us!

Landscaping Results That Will Turn Your Neighbors Green!

Even if you don't consider yourself to have a green thumb, your landscaping project won't be able to fail when you're using industry-best equipment from our state-of-the-art inventory! Become master over your residential or commercial terrain today by checking out what we've got in stock!

What Does Your Dream Landscape Require?

  • Tillers

  • Garden Equipment

  • Post Hole Diggers

  • Garden Tractors

     Dirt Equipment

  • Excavators

  • Skid Steers ( track or wheeled )

  • Skid Steer Drill

  • Skid Steer Hammer

  • Gas and Electric Pumps

  • Trenchers

  • 50' Boom Lift

  • Scissor Lifts

  • Small Tractor +more

       ( Dirt Equipment includes Trailer use )

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You won't find a better supply or more extensive inventory of outdoor equipment, landscaping tools, or concrete products in the Terre Haute area! See what over 45 years of service can do for you!

Emergency job? Take the stress, hassle, and cost out of even your most pressing projects by coming to Cahill's for excellent rates, top-quality products, and dedicated assistance!

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Come in for the best in Bobcat and Honda equipment!

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